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Welcome to Straker Translations, the World's
Fastest, Easiest and Most Cost-effective Translation Company

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Trusted by over 10,000 customers

Fast Translation Services

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We are certified to EN15038, the world's highest translation quality standard - read more.

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7 Reasons to use our translation services

Responsive 24 / 7 Customer Service

Amazing technology, simple and easy processes, fast turnaround and great prices are all things Straker offers for our clients. But nothing beats our World leading customer service which sets the highest of bars for the translation industry. We offer 24/7 customer support (and we're not just talking about having a web site running with a form on it) from our 2 major global production centers (one in Australasia and one in Barcelona). Our call centre staff can speak over 12 languages and ensure you can log on to our customer portal, email, web chat or phone us at any time to get an update on your project or request changes. Our team work tirelessly to make sure nothing goes wrong and you get your project when or before it is due.

Fast Turnaround in Over 80 Languages

Traditional Agency
Straker Translations
Our technology platform enables our translators to work considerably faster than other agencies but still produce comparable quality translations.
There are no prizes for second place in international sales

Over the past few years we have developed and refined our amazing 'Transl8' translation platform, enabling us to deliver the fastest translations available and to your specified quality level. You will get a delivery timeframe in our quote and we ensure we get it to you when it is due. We support over 80 languages and have more than 5,000 registered and validated translators available.

Real Value

We map the cost and service we deliver to your translation requirements, so you don’t pay more than you have to. 

With the increase in content volumes, speed to market and variable translation types required it is now more important than ever to map the cost of your translation services to the task required. It’s also critical to ensure that as translation assets are created they are able to be reused to lower the cost of ongoing projects. Our ability to offer per hour translation rates and our integrated translation workbench and memory tools ensure we can provide the best-value translation service available. 

Unparalleled Translation Technology

There is no hiding that our technology platform gives us our competitive advantage. From a base of 8 years of development of our multilingual CMS we have added a further 2 years of concentrated work we have built a powerful translation platform that enables our clients to speed up, simplify and lower the cost of getting translations completed.  

  • Alternative charging plans - per hour or per word
  • Translation memory integrated into all corporate projects
  • Powerful translation API for automation
  • Custom machine translation engines
  • Easy import and export of files

Proven Performance

Straker have been in business since 1999 and have served over 10,000 clients and many of them leading global brands. With proven scalability and production capacity and systems built up over many years you are guaranteed the highest quality of service, delivery and translations.

High-end Quality Processes

One of the most interesting things we have found is that there no direct correlation between translator speed and quality. Our fastest translators can produce the same high quality as a slower translator. We use our advanced testing and auditing systems to naturally select the fastest and most accurate translators for our clients. 


We are certified to EN 15038, the global standard for the translation industry and the benchmark for translation quality. Our last audit to retain EN 15038 certification was successfully completed by global certification body VNZ in January 2013. For more information on the standard see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EN_15038

ISO 9001:2008

At Straker we have developed and documented a quality management system to manage the company’s global translation service that complies with the European Standard and ISO9001:2008.  


Over 30% of the cost of translations services can be in the import, export and formatting of content. At Straker we make things easy by having tools to easily import and export content from any format including InDesign, XML, MS Office Documents and many others. We also have staff to handle even the trickiest of file layouts and foreign character font issues. We also have a powerful API to automate translation workflows, the ability to build customer machine translation engines for an enterprise and all all projects have the terminology and translation memory stored in our Transl8 platform for future reuse.

  • Full desktop publishing services
  • Video transcription
  • Any file format
  • Easy import and export of files
  • Editing, proofreading and review services
  • Nearly any language pair

Translation Services

  • InDesign
    Are you looking for an easy and Cost-effective way to translate Adobe InDesign files?  Read More
  • Immigration
    Get a certified immigration translation is 3 simple steps - birth, marriage and divorce certificates. Drivers licenses, police clearance and academic diplomas. Read More
  • Technical Translations
    Are you looking for an easy and cost effective way to get your technical documentation and manuals translated? Read More
  • Medical Translations
    We provide medical certificate and medical receipt translations as well as highly technical translations of medical documents. Read More

The Need for Speed

Our CEO explaining why speed is so important to the modern translation process.

Why Choose Us?

Translation API

Do you need a translation API service that can automate and streamline the translation process? Read More

Translations by the Hour

Almost every other translation company can only quote prices on the basis of word volume but not Straker! Read More

Translation Technology

At Straker we have developed the World's most advanced human translation platform Read More

Translation for Games

Creating a consistent gaming experience for multiple platforms in multiple languages Read More

Case Study


  • Using a Translation API

    The first questions most people ask when they go through our site is "What is a translation API?" which is quickly followed by "Why would I use it?" and lastly "What does it Cost?". - read more

  • How to Translate an InDesign File

    Next up in our "How To" series is an overview of the most efficient/effective way of getting InDesign files translated  read more

  • Straker Wins New EU Tender

    It has just been announced that a consortium including Straker has just won the tender to supply multilingual technology and services to the Directorate Generale of Information Society and Media. 

  • Interview from LeWeb Paris

    At LeWeb in December we met a great Journalist - Jonathan Marks - You can see the interview here

What our clients say

Serving our customers across the globe since 1999

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